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AOA: Always on Display

Welcome to AOA

AOA: Always on Display is an innovative app designed to enhance your mobile experience. AOA allows you to access essential information with minimal battery consumption.

Unleashing the Power

of AOA

  • Full customization
  • Interactive notifications
  • Password-protected notifications
  • Direct SMS Reply
  • Powerful music controls
  • Battery status with time to charge
  • Edge lighting with infinite colors
  • Over 30 watchfaces
AOA: Always on Display showing SMS notification
AOA: Always on Display light theme
AOA: Always on Display dark theme

Simplicity and Elegance

Explore AOA, with a minimalistic UI design that enhances user experience by prioritizing functionality and ease of navigation. Less is truly more.

Imagine Your Day
Simplified With AOA

With AOA: Always on Display, your day is simplified. It’s an app designed to make your life easier, more organized, and more productive. From managing your daily tasks to keeping you updated with notifications, AOA is your personal assistant that never sleeps.

AOA: Email Notification
AOA: SMS Notification
AOA: Weather Notification

Your Productivity
Boosted With AOA

Stay connected, organized, and productive. Experience the power of seamless multitasking and stay ahead with AOA.

The Wait Is Finally Over

Get the #1 Always on Display app only on Google Play!


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